Hotel Cristallo Assisi-Reception

“The first care is not to be in the hurry,

to walk everywhere very slowly

and without destination and to observe everything your eyes will meet”

With these words the American writer Henry James in the nineteen century was speaking to a traveller who was planning to come in Umbria. The advise of the author of “The Portrait of a Lady” is still valid today for the people that are preparing a visit to the green heart of Italy.

Studded, among a succession of little hills and gentle slopes, there are castles, parishes, abbey, medievals villages. And the towns, precious caskets of some of the most beautiful treasures of the Italian art.

Among those ASSISI, Unesco’s world patrimony since 2000, symbol with its places of the Franciscan movement that has brought into the world a universal message of peace and tollerance, with its intact medieval village, its monuments and sacred places making the town a unique place in the world .

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